Lancetilla Botanical Garden

Located only a few kilometers from Tela, the Lancetilla Botanical Garden is the second largest tropical botanical garden in the world. It was established in 1926 as an experimental site by the Tela Railroad Company.

Lancetilla park boasts a very large variety of plants from the Central American region as well as from other tropical lands from throughout our planet. A large number of tropical birds have made the garden their home, due to the many fruit trees that abound here.

There is a well marked trail that you can follow. In addition, if you follow the road that leads into a fascinating bamboo forest, you will arrive at a very pleasant swimming hole in the Lancetilla river, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim after your hike throughout the park.

The entrance fee to Lancetilla Botanical Garden is $5.00 and includes a guided tour. For Hondurans, there is a substantial discount. The funniest way to get to the park is by bicycle, which you can rent in Tela. If you have a car, or with a taxi, you can easily reach the park in few minutes.